Web-based software is a program that only needs a web browser for its operation. While the software is essentially on a web server, the web sites are automatically updated in the center so that the user does not have any burden.

If you are not using the web-based software in an intranet environment, you can also use it from the office and from anywhere. Because it requires a simple browser to run the software, it is platform independent and can be used on mobile platforms as well as on desktop computers.

The computer also does not require a special program or computer to be owned by you, it runs on every computer that has a browser.

The software runs smoothly on every operating system (Windows, IOS, Linux etc ...) and every browser. Even it works on the national operating system Pardus.

No additional security precautions are needed, the browsers already provide the required security. As much as authorized information can be accessed, security is at the top level. There is also no need for a security update.

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