It was established in 1988 as the main driving force of the diversification and growth strategy of the business areas in which the Altay Group operates. In order to help the Group's growth strategies to realize its goals and to fulfill the Offset obligations of foreign defense companies, it has been carrying out activities to create joint ventures, joint design and production infrastructure, and cooperation opportunities with domestic industrial companies.
In this framework, domestic and foreign business opportunities are evaluated and investments have been made. Altay Industrial Investments and Trade. Inc., as the roofing company for group companies outside of Altay Information Technologies, Defense and Industrial Trade Inc., is responsible for directing and managing group investments. Once the companies that have been invested in this way, reach the predetermined targets, the shares of the subsidiaries are transferred and the resources obtained from them are directed to new investments.

In accordance with this strategy, Altay Industrial Investment and Trade Inc., in 1988, became one of the founding partners of the Nitromak Chemical Industry Inc. which was the Turkey's first private manufacturer of explosives and also of Skyline Transport Trade Inc. to act as an air taxi and maintenance center in 1992. In 1989, Altay Insurance Agency was founded to provide insurance agency services as a group company.

With the achievement of the targets of these investments, in 2008, Skyline Transportation Inc., in 2009 Altay Insurance Agency and in 2010 Nitromak Chemical Industry Inc.'s shareholding interests were transferred and the resources provided were directed to new investments.

The company started in Mine Clearance activities in line with the strategic decision on building a domestic capability for humanitarian land Mine Clearance in 2011, by establishing a business partnership with domestic and foreign partners.

For this purpose, foreign and local companies with world-wide experience and knowledge in the operational, logistic and administrative requirements of mine clearance activities for humanitarian purposes are aimed to brought together under the leadership of Altay Industrial Investments and Trade Inc. within the scope of the Syrian Mine Removal Project. Thus, it is aimed to meet the needs of human resources, equipment and other support for the project as much as possible from the country so that it can contribute positively to the region and country's economy while at the same time carrying out a mine clearing activity with minimum foreign contribution at the end of the project.

It has been aimed as the medium and long-term target to announce the name of our country in potential projects worldwide with the experience as well as the business model of this foreign and local companies' partnership.