In order to diversify the business areas of the Altay Group in the framework of real estate investments and to operate international arena, Alt Properties US Ltd. and Alt Properties Europe Ltd. were incorporated  in 2009.  Alt Properties Mediterranean S.a.r.l was incorporated in 2010 and followingly, Alt International Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 under the mother company of  Alt Properties Mediterranean S.a.r.l.

Within the framework of the growth strategies of the Group, it is envisaged that the investments realized within these companies and the real estate owned by the companies will be valued with asset management and create an economic added value. As a result of this added value created, companies and real estates are transferred to create funds for new investments. These funds will be assessed by investing in real estate sector investments abroad and in other sectors where the Altay Group is operating domestically. With this feature, the investments in question are of great importance in terms of contributing to the productivity of the Altay Group as well as the resources of the country.

The forward-looking investments in the real estate sector, which is the promoting  sector within the framework of the growth strategies of the Altay Group, not only contribute to the productivity of the company at the micro scale mentioned above and macro scale, but also lead to the creation of added value in the global sense.