The Communication Planning Tool is an important part of the Force Operation Tool software used at the command level in the Low Altitude Air Defense battalion. This tool also provides support for understanding how the tactical situation is with the user and preparing for battle in the case of withdrawals in situations where the connection between senior command units is cut off in the Low Altitude Air Defense firing units.

Mainly in CPT, Low Altitude Air Defense System:

It calculates and displays the coverage area of ​​the radios, taking into consideration factors such as location of the radio devices in the area, technical specifications of the devices, terrain structure, elevation and weather.

The point-to-point communication between the two wireless devices in the room is shown as a cross-section (Terrain Slice).

CPT's software features:

- Developed on the basis of AQAP-150 and MIL-STD-498

- Hardware independent

- Has Object Oriented Architecture.

- Runs on Linux and Windows operating systems

- The Radio Algorithm module was developed using C ++

- The user interface was developed using JAVA 1.4 SE