Environmental management in Altay Software Defence is carried out within the framework of the strategies and policies. The principles of Altay’s environmental management policy constitute the framework of international conventions, standards, initiatives and national legislation for environmental management, especially regarding the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the environmental legislation of the countries where we operate.

The main principles of Altay Software Defence Company for the Environmental Management Policy:

  • Being a pioneer in making environmentally friendly investments
  • To follow all innovations, research and development activities closely
  • To provide emergency and environmental risk management at the advanced level
  • To ensure efficient use of natural resources by using clean technologies for waste minimisation
  • To control and reduce the environmental impacts that may arise from our activities with scientific and economic solutions
  • To carry out activities that support the sustainable development
  • To comply with national and international legal regulations and other obligations for the protection of the environment
  • To prevent environmental pollution by following technological developments
  • To ensure the sharing and dissemination of practices regarding environmental management within the framework of the principle of continuous improvement
  • To protect natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way
  • To reduce and recycle waste at source as much as possible
  • To increase the environmental responsibility awareness of all our employees, from top management to the bottom, by providing environmental training to all our employees.