PosiCharge industrial chargers can charge all batteries between 12-96V fast and smart.  With its smart system, PosiCharge maximizes performance and safety while decreasing operational costs.

By decreasing the charging duration to 1,5-2 hours from 8-10 hours, PosiCharge:

  • Helps your company to save costs of spare battery
  • By  eliminating the need of battery changing rooms,
    • Cuts the additional personnel expense caused by battery changing
    • Eliminates personnel injuries based on battery changing
    • Prevents wasted equipment usage duration
  • Enables the personnel to charge the vehicle during lunch time sufficient enough for the rest of the shift

In addition to this, by the help of the BMIDs placed on each battery; PosiCharge:

  • Allows you to charge different featured batteries with the same charger
    • You can gain space by reducing charger quantity
  • Prevents battery damages by monitoring temperature
  • Extends the lifespan of the batteries by periodic equalize charging
  • Checks if the batteries are well-maintained or not by state of charge monitoring and extend the lifespan of the batteries
  • By adding water to the batteries at the optimum level and at optimum time with the optional auto-watering system,
    • Prevents battery damages due to over-watering
    • Increases battery lifespan by periodic watering
  • With fleet management system,
    • Allows you to make performance comparison between different branded batteries
    • Sends automatic e-mail alerts about state of charge, water level, etc.

Besides above given benefits, PosiCharge eliminates gassing problem of acid batteries with their outdoor chargers that are resistant to water, dust and other weather conditions.