Altay is not just a workplace but it is a lifestyle

Altay has a corporate culture based on its corporate knowledge and long-standing sectoral experience. Altay is managed by rules that are well- established from past to present; values and traditions, ethical principles, warm relationships between executive personnel, a certain lifestyle, personnel continuity, and a company that attaches importance to institutionalism.
The happiness of Altay staff is the happiness of the company.

Personnel Policies:

  • Altay places great importance on ethical values and personnel personality. Personality rights of the personnel are respected and utmost efforts are made to recognize these rights. Staff requests are always valued and taken into consideration.
  • Altay does not recruit project-based personnel, the staff are never removed at the end of the project and we still have a lot of staff working for more than 10 years.
  • There is no gender discrimination in Altay, most of our staff are women. Personnel mobbing is not carried out, personnel are constantly trained by state-appointed experts.
  • Altay does not interfere with the dress of the staff, formal dress are required at formal meetings only.
  • Employees are employed in company positions that are consistent with their qualifications.
  • Employees are always protected by the Labor Code.
  • Personnel are evaluated in objective measures whether they reach the objectives or they have already achieved, and they are successful based on compliance with the quality standards Altay has.
  • Equal of opportunity and chance is provided in every aspect of the place to the personnel. No manners are given except for talents and knowledge of personnel.
  • It is ensured that the personnel are in communication with their supervisor, and in any case it is possible for the personnel to be informed in a timely manner on their concerns, and to easily communicate their opinions, wishes and complaints to the relevant authorities.
  • Always we are trying to help solve all problems that they may encounter both inside and outside the business life of personnel.
  • All kinds of opportunities are mobilized to make the staff knowledgeable, successful and continuous. The continuity of successful and hardworking staff is ensured.
  •  Personnel Performance Assessment is carried out every December, and this evaluation is endorsed to the top management and the personnel with high performance are promoted.

Recruitment process

  • Personnel are interviewed and their knowledge and skills are analyzed before recruitment. Later on, their position will be determined, it will be notified to them and which duties and projects will be employed.
  • The trial period of the starting personnel is given and the contract is signed at the end of this period. The job insurance is made on the day the job starts and immediately benefits from social benefits. During the first week the staff is informed about the company and they are trained on quality standards.
  • He / she is closely followed within the trial period and starts to work as principal staff with the approval of the department manager. It is included in various training programs according to its characteristics.

Personnel Promotion System

There are four ways to make a career in Altay;

  • Design and Development,
  • Analysis and Testing,
  • Project Management,
  • Business Development.

There are 5 levels to progress on each road;

  • Assistant Specialist,
  • Specialist,
  • Senior Specialist,
  • Leader and Architect.

Taking salary increases compared to the level at which it is made, it is possible for the successful staff to get more than the senior staff, even if they are at lower seniority. It is also possible to rise, successful staff can sometimes be promoted even in a year.


Education is important in Altay. The employee has the right to demand training on any issue; these requests are covered in a specific plan and as much as possible. Also; trainings are provided for the specialties required by the projects. There is no additional service or compensation for the cause of trainings. In addition, staff support for university education for their own personal career is provided, giving the staff the flexibility to master or doctorate.

Career possibilities

It is possible to pursue a career in Altay;

  • Embedded Software
  • Web based software,
  • Test Automation,
  • Data Transfer Between Systems,
  • Enterprise Software,
  • Tactical Data Link Software,
  • Mission Planning and Verification Software,
  • Communication Planning and Simulation,
  • Command Control Software,
  • Sensor Data Processing,
  • Sensor Integration,
  • Control Interface Software,
  • Human Machine Interface Software,
  • 3D Visual Modeling and Simulation,


Altay employees works in a historic building; at the same time, which is a museum registered with the Ministry of Culture. Altay building has a unique position. Altay is close to everywhere; 10 min walk to Kızılay, Tunalıhilmi, metro station, and Esat. It is possible to have a coffee in the nearby cafes between lunches or to tour in Tunalihilmi. Karanfil street or Konur street, which is full of cafes, is 5 minutes away. Ankara's entertainment venues and concert halls are located near Altay.


Altay serves organic food for his staff, prepared by his own cooks. Meals are made with products from an organic farm. There are also many restaurants in the vicinity.