A Long Lasting History

Altay, as one of the first foreign representatives and providing advisory services companies in Turkey, was established in 1957.Initially it meets weapon systems, communications, military and civil aviation, defense and petrochemical requirements of the prime contractor of the public sector, carrying out their representation in Turkey; in later years, strengthening develop their trade relations in Turkey, consulting, technical assistance, and has has improved its field of activity for customer services.

Adherence to Ethical Rules

Altay is a pioneering company in the sector that has been implementing universally accepted business ethical principles in the industry since 1957, enabling its employees to comply with and compete for free competition. Since the day it was established, it has never made concessions from the rules of business ethics. All Altay employees are obliged to contribute to the settlement and recovery of this principle by advocating ethical rules in the business world and in its own sector and contributing to the effective and efficient use of the resources of the country in this framework. Altay's this virtue has been certified with the TRACE certificate.

Conformity to Quality Standards

In line with international quality standards of civil and defense, Altay applies a quality management system aimed at unconditional customer satisfaction through continuous service and software production that meets customer needs and expectations, continuous improvement and personnel training. Altay highlights the importance to the determination of the highest quality of services and products offered in all the fields in which it operates. It also puts importance to the fact that workflows are national and where required, to be registered with international standards. Altay has CMMI Level-3, NATO AQAP-160, and ISO 9001: 2008 quality assurance certificates. TAI / TUSAŞ has also documented that Altay software development processes comply with the DO-178B (Software Compliance in Aviation Systems) standard.

Corporate Culture

With more than 50 years of work experience, the company has a corporate culture based on knowledge and industry experience for many years. Altay, which is governed by rules and regulations that sit in daily life under the name of the Continuous Implementation Directive (DUY), which implements these directives in a certain system with the principle of continuous improvement; It is a firm that attaches importance to institutionalism, having a warm relationship between tradition, ethical principles and managerial staff, having a certain life style and personnel continuity. It is a company that attaches importance to values and traditions, ethical principles, warm associations among executive staff, lifestyle, personnel who are remembered daily from the past, personnel continuity and quality.

Special Design Capability

The most important feature of Altay Software is to develop solutions by designing specific projects and applications. Altay does not have any COTS products, Altay analysts develop the solution by analyzing the customer listening very well, sayings, current data and environment. If the solution has parties that it cannot develop by itself; it constitutes the most appropriate solution with expertise acquisition, solution partnership or information procurement.


Altay, has TS EN / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate and NATO and National Secret Level Facility Security Certificate by MND. Our building is protected by a 24-hour security system and can be accessed by authorized cards, and biometric access system at certain locations. All company employees have secret grade certification. Altay, the Norwegian Government has approved the first and only company in Turkey and Norwegian Navy.

International Business Experience

Software exports since 2003 including Turkey's first defense software export, serves successfully in the inventory of the armed forces of 16 countries within the scopes of offset. It is also specialized company in offset and industry participation. This helped to solve the offset obligations of the companies that we represent.

Knowledge Base

With more than 60 years of work experience, the company has a corporate culture based on its knowledge and industry experience based on many years. Since its establishment in 1957, Altay has been providing domain expertise and consulting activities in the defense industry as a sensitive company in making and developing the information that it has acquired in the context of various projects it has been involved since 1957.

Strong Structure

Altay Inc. is one of the 6 companies belonging to Altay Group. At the same time, he has also representation of major foreign companies around the world. There is a very large foreign representative infrastructure. For these reasons, it has a solid structure. He has known how to cope with the crisis in the past without suffering.

Open to cooperation

Altay is a company that is open to cooperation; has worked on many projects with many companies in the past. It is a company that can make business partnership from time to time with its competing firms. Konsgberg, L3, Dyncorp, Telephonics Representative of Turkey to the company; Kongsberg, Aselsan, TAI, Roketsan, HAVELSAN and FNSS.


Altay has also embraced to actively participate in the NATO Industrial Working Groups (NIAG) activities. Until recently the National NIAG Representation was carried out by Altay and later transferred to the MKEK. Altay is also a member of Foreign Economic Relations Council (DEIK), Association of Defense Industry Manufacturers (SASAD) and Software Industrialists' Association (YASAD). Altay is represented at the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) by its president. Altay is a SME registered to KOSGEB.

Fast and Qualified Service

Altay carries out its projects in conformity with the agreed definitions and quality standards and delivers them on time. After delivery, it continues to serve the customer with the same understanding.

Human and Customer Oriented

Altay, is a kind of company of "Altay Family" understanding, its employees are valuable, and always keeps the side of employees. It keep stays in communication with employees, business partners and customers. It gives importance to their ideas and mutual satisfaction. The ways in which employees do their work, and their improving efforts, are supported and encouraged. It is open to the suggestion system. Completes the projects at the burden of the cost, it happens with the customer.