Altay Group has closely been dealing with humanitarian demining since the beginning of in-country works in 2001. With the experience gained so far and qualified manpower, Altay performs demining projects in accordance with;    

  • International Mine Action Standards (IMAS),
  • National Mine Action Standards,
  • Mine Clearance Methodologies,
  • Various Technologies,
  • Quality Policy,
  • Environmental Impacts,
  • Humanitarian Approach
  • Risk Management
  • Effective Mine Clearance Equipment,
  • Capacity Building for Local People,
  • Mine Risk Education and Influence to Local People

Mine clearance is executed according to internationally accepted and proved methods, equipment and methodologies. It is our approach that local people are trained and gain mine expert qualification and experience thus they have chance to work at different regions and countries. Mine detection dogs and mechanical mine clearance machines are also used for mine clearance operations along with de-miners that all demining activities are under the supervision of internal and external quality control teams.    


The first priority is the health of manpower so that doctors, medics and ambulances are kept available at the working site for responding accidents/incidents in the shortest possible time. Casualty is rushed to the hospital, if necessary using air ambulance, immediately and evacuated to next level treatment if need be.  The extensive insurance coverage for accidents is in effect for all manpower and third party liability insurance is also in place.    

Mine clearance preparations began for in-country minefields in Turkey in 2011 which Turkey Syrian border mine clearance project was taken priority. Altay took place on this project, attended to the site survey on Turkey Syrian border minefields lead by Ministry of Defense. Executable work plan and financially feasible proposal had been submitted to Ministry of Defense and Altay was chosen as one of the shortlisted companies. But due to civil war in Syria, the tender was cancelled.  

Altay has been closely monitoring both in-country and international mine clearance projects. In this context two mines and UXO clearance projects were won in Kuwait which were managed and contracted by government owned Kuwait Oil Company. These 2 projects were successfully completed. 

With the experience gained from mine and UXO clearance projects, Turkey Eastern Border Demining Project which is one biggest mine clearance projects in the World has been won and mine clearance operation has been going on since 2016. The first phase of the project which is managed by UNDP and Ministry of Defense Turkey Mine Action Center was completed and currently second phase preparation for 2018 season is underway.

Altay, the first %100 locally owned demining company, has determination and tenacity to be global actor on this sector all around the world and are willing to be reliable partner for you with its flexible structure for Turkey and international mine clearance projects.