Many countries in the world have to deal with mine and UXO threats causing thousands of people either loss their lives or get seriously injured annually. Regrettably it is also a challenge for Turkey to be solved.

    Altay has been interested in this issue and focused on gaining experience and capability so far to be an actor in this sector and carry out mine and UXO clearance in Turkey and around the world.  

   UXO and mine clearance requirements in the world and in Turkey are closely monitored. To that end Altay was awarded 2 tenders contracted out by Kuwait Oil Company for mine and UXO clearance over oil fields that were remnants from Gulf War. UXO and mine clearance operations were successfully completed.    

   Kuwait UXO and mine clearance operation was conducted over wet oil lakes, dry oil lakes, contaminated soil piles and tarcrete areas.  New innovative clearance techniques/solutions were needed as no UXO search had been conducted at the bottom of the oil-filled lakes covered with a very thick and dangerous layer of bitumen. UXOs existent in the wet oil lakes which were formed resulting from blowing up of the oil wells during the war, were cleared with some unprecedented and proper solutions which eventually proved to work out quite well.

 Two types of detection/clearance methods are used.

  • The first one is Digital Geophysical Mapping. The digital map is composed of digital sensors and software. After analyzing of the map/data, the positioning of possible targets are detected, marked with the assistance of digital GPS and only the targets are dug which UXOs are presumably existent,
  • The second method is analogue detection which is used on the areas where using the Digital mapping is not possible. Every location a signal was received is marked and dug.