Another successful e-government application Altay Software has made

Great convenience in military service! ...

The recruitment call-up process, the first step our citizens take to fulfill their military duties, is carried out without the need to go to military recruitment branches.

Our citizens who make their transactions through e-government within the framework of our system are shipped online via the system we have developed to the family doctors to which they are affiliated without applying to the military branches themselves after the application of the Internet and the information about the military decisions is presented in electronic form after the evaluation of the stakeholder institutions.


Obligates entering the age of military service can now carry out military recruitment inquiry operations via e-Government.

According to the information obtained by AA reporters, the "e- Recruitment and Family Physician Operation Project" initiated in the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication come up to the end.

In order to provide better quality service to the citizens within the scope of the project, the requested information forms in the polling process can be filled in via the e-Government system and polling procedures can be done by going to the family physician. The obliged parties will be able to initiate health examinations through the e-Government without going to the military branches, by going to the family physicians they are affiliated with. The transactions made by going to the military branches twice before, can only be completed in one time for the delivery of the received report.

The pilot application was made in Manisa and Ankara, and the related transactions were carried out under the heading of "Military Service" via e-Government. After the technical and practical arrangements made during the pilot implementation period, the service will be available nationwide starting May 14.

It is aimed to speed up the service offered to the citizens by using the "Military Prosecution" service throughout the country and to finalize the transactions quickly and efficiently without going to military branches.

In addition to the bureaucratic procedures, the cost will also be lowered and the systematic structure of the family physicians will make it possible to carry out health examination services in a more holistic and healthy manner.