Altay Group has closely been dealing with humanitarian demining since the beginning of in-country works in 2001. A group of Altay people including some managers attended a variety of national and international demining trainings to increase knowledge and mutual understanding.

Since the beginning of demining works in Turkey, Altay has gained broad knowledge and experience about International Mine Action Standards, mine clearance methodologies, various technologies, quality application, environmental aspects, humanitarian approach, risk management, mine clearance equipment and the demining projects’ benefits and influences to the local people. Thus with its experience and expertise over 60 years  Altay has reached the position of preferable partner company for mine and UXO clearance both in Turkey and in the neighboring regions.

Altay has been using this extensive knowledge and experience at mine and UXO clearance projects. Consequently Altay was awarded 2 separate mine and UXO clearance tender in Kuwait oil fields which consisted of mine and UXO clearance on wet oil lakes, contaminated soil piles, tarcrete areas and dry oil lakes. These projects were completed successfully.      

3 separate tenders for mine clearance alongside of Turkey’s eastern border were also won and Altay has been one of the demining companies which conducts mine clearance on that scale. The mine clearance project, contracted and managed by UNDP and Turkey Mine Action Center, currently proceeds in Turkey mine fields.

Altay Group is concentrated on similar projects with its maximum effort to become a competent yet competitive mine clearance company on the global scale with its extensive knowledge, experience and professionalism through unique project structures and approaches that also benefits respective communities by building local capacity.