The End to unplanned, unproductive investment and informality in Turkey

Altay has contracted for PERBİS-Retail Information System after SBS-Industry Information System; whitin the scope of Turkey's unplanned, unproductive investment and the Fight against Informality; TİBOS-Commodity Exchanges Automation System.

Thanks to PERBIS to be implemented by the Ministry of Customs and Trade; the opening and operation of the retail enterprises and the closing of the necessary applications and other operations, the relevant institutions and organizations will be forwarded, evaluated, finalized and will be established to establish a database for these enterprises. In this way, citizens will be able to inquire whether the workplaces are licensed and whether they are operating in accordance with the license.

Currently, retail enterprises go to 20 institutions including notary public, registry offices and banks. With PERBIS, this will be over, it will be a single point operation. The cost of establishment of an enterprise varies between 5.700-10.200 Liras, so the total expenditure of 1.7 billion Liras will be eliminated.

In the current situation, 317 documents are requested in the establishment process, all will be solved electronically with the new system. 195 million paper will be saved. This corresponds to a thousand 400 trees per year, spending 4.3 million man / day a year for procedures and applicants spending 7.9 million man / day. PERBIS will save 12 million man / day labor a year. Cost savings will reach 2.5 billion Liras.

TİBOS-Commodity Exchange delivery stage brought the Altai Automation System, SBS-Industry Information System after PERBİS-Retail Information System will be created with the building blocks to put an end to the informal economy in Turkey.

TIBOS - Commodity Exchange Information System

It includes the renewal of the components that will enable the trading procedures and the online registration of the Registration transactions through the software. It is planned that the Commodity Exchanges Information System will be used by all of the Commodity Exchanges (113).

SBS -Industrial Information System

Industrial Capacity Report to be used in Industrial Exchanges (SKR) and Domestic Goods (YMB) Automation and Industry Database Web Site Renewal covers the related services.