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We have long known that customer experience is very important and valuable. Through our user-centered approach, we aim to create strong bond between our customers & our company. We are committed to helping every customer has a best experience. By creating our core strategies according to the expectations of our customers, we try to create feeling of connected. As a trustworthy partner, we never compromise on quality.


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Michael Leboeuf

We Provide Turn-Key Solutions

For more than 60 years, we have provided best-quality and customized solutions based on our experience and expertise in numerous projects. In these projects, we have always given importance to the broad technical proficiency of our teams. Usability and maintainability are our focus points during development period of our products. We deliver cutting edge solutions for the digital world of tomorrow by setting new standards for your needs. As a trustworthy partner, we never compromise on quality.

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We Work With Top Natch Talents

We deeply know that every talent is an invaluable asset and the key to our future. Since the foundation of Altay, our greatest strength has been the ability to share our creativity and synergy with our customers.

Innovative and enthusiastic our top-natch talents are committed to delivering a deeply collaborative experience to our customers.

Our talents inspire confidence by committing the right plan and finding the right moment for you. The goal is the same for us: working to move our company forward for a better tomorrow. That's why, we build breakthroughs together with our top-natch talents.


Great Things In Business Are Never Done By One Person.
They Are Done By A Team Of People.

Steve Jobs

We Trust Our

We are aware of that having an effective strategy is important for moving in the right direction and dealing with any unexpected problems that face in your way. Our project strategies makes us plan the steps and transform your vision and idea into a reality. Therefore, through our well-planned strategies, we enjoy endless possible supply of new business ventures .

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