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Innovative Attitude

Innovative Attitude

Start Your Journey

Start Your Journey

During our recruitment process, we aim candidates with right education and experience that best suit to our corporate culture values and job position.

In order to create a qualified workforce resource, we evaluate the applications conveyed through kariyer.net. platform or our website.

Considering our corporate culture and values, we first conduct a detailed evaluation process for the positions we need and then we choose the most favorable candidate.

How We Hire

How We Hire1

How we hire

How We Hire 3

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To see wide range of exciting career opportunities, simply click on www.kariyer.net.tr/altay and follow the steps or upload your resume below.

If you have any questions, our human resources department will be happy to help you.


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Make A Big Impact With Our Internship Programme

We know that our interns are the next generation of creators. If you are thrilled to think of a career in our industry, we would like to take the first steps on your career path together.

We prefer to accept applications of intern candidates who are preferably in 3rd or 4rd class. In your application, please indicate the duration of your intership and the department/position you want to do. Intership applications can be sent by an email to IKY@altay.com.tr

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