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Altay Corporation

ALTAY Corporation

was founded in 1957 as one of the first consultancy, domain expertise and technical support companies in Turkey. We have successfully carried out many software and simulation projects in the field of defense and civil sector within the 64-year period.

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ALTAY Software Defense

started to play an active role in the software field after 1998. For more than 20 years, it has been providing customer-specific and information technology solutions compatible to international standards.

In the field of software and simulation systems, we decided to be active not only in our country but also in abroad with our developing technologies and increasing technical knowledge. In line with this goal, we carried out Turkey's first defense software export to Norway in 2003. Having made the first defense software export of Turkey, afterwards we have successfully exported to 16 different countries as well.

ALTAY facilities have “National Secret Security” and “NATO Secret Security” level facility clearances. We were registered as Research & Development Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2017. ALTAY currently with its more than 150 R&D personnel, continues to provide high quality services in its own 2650 m² facility which hosts CMMI 3 level software design and development, test and examination centers as well as a laboratory in which the R&D activities are maintained.

Altay Software Defense

Altay Technology BV

Altay Technology BV has started its business in the Netherlands in June 2020, and an important step was taken to increase our export targets by being closer to the European market. Our business development activities in the field of software and simulation continue intensively in the European market as well as the Dutch market.

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